About Us

PYS Stainless Building Systems has been creating architectural solutions for all needs indoor and outdoor from the commencement day of its activities by treating the glass and metal and producing facades, doors, balustrades in its modern construction projects.

By its experience and knowledge, it has been producing modern systems by developing glass and metal ideas that can both offer solutions and facilities to demands that are needed at every moment of life and also bring elegance and modernity to spaces.

PYS Stainless Building Systems transforms its pioneering ideas that it has developed for the construction sector into projects with its engineering activities and transfers them to the production process and also is able to produce the projects, it has prepared with its cutting-edge technology machinery and experienced employees and advanced level capabilities for fibre cutting, laser cutting, bending, metal working, welding, sandpapering, polishing, painting, coating and glass treating, with the highest quality.

Facade Applications:
For the modern construction projects, it develops transparent facades, movable dynamic facades, double facades, facade-integrated roof and skylight systems, eaves, windbreaker and sun breaker systems and treats and produces these systems’ products, merchandises, semi-finished products and accessories, the glass and metal and applies these systems it has developed to projects with its installation teams.

Balustrade Applications:
Our company also manufactures balustrades such as stainless balustrades, aluminium balustrades, glass balustrades, box balustrades, painted iron steel balustrades and decorative wrought iron balustrades which are used for many purposes in construction projects and which are primarily used for security purposes as well as adding elegance and modernity to the spaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications:
Apart from the facade, door and balustrade systems, decorative applications for indoor and outdoor have been developed by using glass and metal together. It realized partitioning applications such as office partitions, cubicle partitions, changing room partitions, shower and toilet partitions, squash courts. In addition to these, it creates custom-made solutions and applications such as shower cabin applications, exhibition stands, store, showroom and showcase applications, cafe and restaurant solutions, winter gardens etc. by developing special projects. Also, by using the glass and metal, it develops decorative applications such as glass floor, glass ceiling, glass wall, panoramic elevator.

Metal Design, Metal Treatment, Glass Treatment:
In addition, PYS Stainless Building Systems shapes metal at its metal design centre. With its cutting-edge technology laser cutting and fibre cutting machines, it can cut all kinds of dimensions of all kinds of metals with the highest quality and fastest speed.
In the metal treatment centre, the other department, it can turn the metal into the desired form with its cutting-edge technology CNC machines and treatment centres. In addition to these, it can perform welding works at the welding atelier, and then make the metal perfect with special polishing and sending robots. In the direction of the customers’ requests, it finishes the metal with the paint or coating applications of the desired kind and makes it ready for delivery.
In its glass treatment department, it shapes the glass and makes all the necessary treatments such as laminated glass, double glazing, curved glass, satin glass, trimming, surface treatment, grinding, tempering, glass-colouring and printing specific to glass etc. and integrates the glasses into projects.

Quality Production and Quality Service Policy
PYS Stainless Building Systems has a quality policy that always wants to produce the best, uses its resources in the most accurate way, carries out an environmentally-sensitive production and includes the strive to provide the most effective, highest quality service.
Our company’s basic policy is to perform the production of glass and metal systems requested by its customers; the design, production and installation of products and accessories of these systems by using its;
– Fast Design Capability
– Economic Inputs That Can Meet Outputs
– Experienced and Trained Staff
– Effective Production Processes
– Production Process It Has Constantly Developed
In accordance with the applicable legal requirements and with a focus on the prevention of pollution, as well as in compliance with all requests and on time and, in this way, to achieve its targets.